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Why UN reform can't wait

"It’s no secret that the United Nations hasn’t lived up to its billing as a champion of human rights and democratic values since its establishment in 1945. All too often, the UN system has aided and abetted some of the world’s most odious regimes—and served as a political weapon for those countries against the West. Yet even by these standards, this summer has seen an unprecedented level of rot in the world’s most powerful international forum."


Syria, Iran, Russia, China plan joint war games

"Iran, Syria, Russia and China are planning the ‘biggest-ever wargames in the Middle East,’ according to an unconfirmed report on the semi-official Iranian news site Fars News. A Syrian official denied the claims.”


Iran helps Syria ship oil in defiance of Western sanctions

"Iran is helping its ally Syria defy Western sanctions by providing a vessel to ship Syrian oil to a state-run company in China, potentially giving the government of President Bashar al-Assad a financial boost worth an estimated $80 million."


Bloomberg: What war? Invest in Israel.

"The war talk about Iran is nothing new for Israel, under threats since its existence, reports Bloomberg News, which notes that the return on stocks in Israel the past 10 years was the highest of 24 benchmark indices in developed nations, including China and Norway, after factoring out volatility.”


UN and Kuwait back Syrian rebels

"The United Nations Human Rights Council condemned Syria on Thursday for widespread violations that may amount to crimes against humanity and called for a halt to attacks against civilians, the same day as the United Kingdom pulled its diplomats from the country. The 47-member forum, holding an urgent debate, voted by 37 states in favor, three against including China and Russia, and three abstentions, to adopt a resolution brought by Gulf countries with Western backing. Also Thursday, Kuwait’s parliament said it would support the rebel Free Syria Army, and called on the Kuwaiti government to cut ties with Syrian President Bashar Assad.”


China calls US critique of Syria "arrogant"

"A foreign ministry spokesman called the comments unacceptable, and the official Communist Party newspaper described the criticism as ‘super arrogant’. Mrs Clinton on Friday called China and Russia’s veto of a UN resolution on Syria ‘despicable’. The Chinese criticism came a day after Syria held a national referendum on a new constitution, amid violent unrest."


UN resolution on Syria vetoed by China and Russia

"The two powers’ refusal to back an Arab League plan for Syria came despite the vote coming within hours of the worst single act of violence in the 11-month uprising. Days of tortuous negotiations led to a final act of brinkmanship as Russia said it could not support a resolution backing an Arab League plan for a swift transition of power and elections. It was said to have demanded a last-minute change dropping a call, already agreed by Syria in November, for tanks and artillery to be withdrawn from the streets.”


India to defy sanctions on Iran

"India said Monday it may use its own currency, the rupee, to pay for oil imports from Iran in the face of a US-led sanctions campaign aimed at forcing Tehran to abandon its nuclear programme.
India has said it will continue to import oil from Iran, joining China in refusing to bow to intensifying US pressure not to do business with Iran.”


Bibi a big hit in China

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres’ videotaped Chinese New Year greetings have received unprecedented exposure in China: In recent days they have been watched by some 40 million Chinese people on one website – and this number does not include millions of views on different television channels.”


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi wishes Chinese people a happy new year of the dragon.


US announces sanctions of three Chinese firms

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton imposed sanctions on three companies under the Iran Sanctions Act, as amended by the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA), for conducting business with Iran’s energy sector. These three firms are Zhuhai Zhenrong Company (Zhenrong), Kuo Oil (S) Pte. Ltd. (Kuo), and FAL Oil Company Limited (FAL).”


"Arab Spring" has created strange bedfellows

Remember the Soviet-Sino split? Moscow and Beijing don’t appear to. On the current developments in the Middle East and North Africa, at least, China and Russia have been increasingly coming together. At the U.N. Security Council, they either oppose Western initiatives or voice their reservations. To some, this looks like solidarity between two authoritarian governments; to others, a coordinated effort to dilute, and eventually dismantle, U.S. and Western domination of global politics. ”


China arms Hezbollah and Iran

The People’s Republic of China is trading nuclear-weapons designs to Iran for oil and, through front companies, has funneled dual-use nuclear goods bought by North Korea to Syria. Specialists in the field widely agree that China also secretly trades in other types of weapons of mass destruction, ballistic missiles and advanced conventional weapons.”