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Likud-Kadima unity gov't deal a boon for Bibi

"The unity deal which brought Kadima into Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition was criticized by the leftist parties in the Knesset and led to protests against MK Shaul Mofaz. Despite all this, however, a new poll shows that the move seems to have played in Netanyahu’s favor. Not only that, the poll also found that Netanyahu continues to be the leading candidate were elections to be held in the near future. The poll found that 43 percent of the Israeli public believes Netanyahu is best suited to serve as Prime Minister. Mofaz, Netanyahu’s newest coalition partner, came in last with only five percent of respondents thinking he would be suited to serve as Prime Minister.”


1967 All Over Again?

Bibi oft compares the Iranian threat of 2012 to 1948 and the Shoah. Is an analogy to 1967 more appropriate? Recent political maneuvers seems to say yes.


Leader of the opposition, Tzipi Livni, quits Knesset

"Former opposition and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni resigned from the Knesset and her party on Tuesday, saying she will continue working to better Israel’s future.”


Kadima: Political Party of Opportunists?

Following the election of Shelly Yachimovich as the new head of the Labor Party most polls show Kadima dropping significantly in the next elections. If so, one can only hope that this spells the beginning of the end for Kadima, a party that epitomizes many of the things that are wrong in Israel.”


Likud: Kadima policies allowed Hamas to gain control of Gaza

The Likud party on Tuesday said in a statement that Kadima and opposition leader Tzipi Livni are encouraging increased international pressure on Israel.”


New social party to take 20 seats in Knesset if elections held today

But when a new socioeconomic party was included as a choice, the new party captured seats from Kadima, Likud, Labor and Meretz, as well as floating voters. The new party did not take mandates away from Arab, religious or right-wing parties, whose supporters have not endorsed the protests.”


Polls show recent tent-protests an electoral non-issue

Nearly half – 48 percent – said the social protests would not change their decision on whom to vote for in the next Knesset elections in 2013. Those who said the protests would affect their decision numbered 37 percent, with 11 percent saying they were not sure. However, their choice for Prime Minister reflects the current strength in the Knesset of the Likud party, headed by Netanyahu, while showing lesser support for Livni’s Kadima party.”


This is a year old but still hilarious. Move over Obama Girl! Tzipi Boy is here!